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29th May 1918

Of the 37 ships of convoy TU26 which had left Leith the day before, 35 called in at Immingham on the Humber on the morning of the 29th.

HMAPV Dirk had been torpedoed by U-Boat UC-75 and all her crew of 20 had been lost.

The SS Caroline had also been lost after colliding with the SS Merida in the confusion of the U-Boat's attack. Her cargo of empty Camp Coffee and port bottles went down with the ship but her crew of 19 were all rescued.

Canadian Archer Peddle was waiting at Immingham on the 29th May, expecting to meet his brother Alec Peddle who had been on the Dirk. But he would never see him again.

The brothers had sailed over from Newfoundland in November 1914 to serve with the Navy in England. Alec had only got married in January 1914, and his son was born later that year. He is commemorated at Beaumont-Hamel.

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