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The Bankruptcy Register

I was hoping to get more information on Fred Cowling's bankruptcy. The National Archives seem to point back to the Durham Records Office when it comes to looking for bankruptcy records. So for £32 and an hour’s research I requested the Office to find out what they could for me in the 1913 entries in the Durham County Court Bankruptcy Register.

Unfortunately although an entry was found in the register, the information it shows is pretty much that which is reflected in the entries published in the London Gazette at the time.

The only new information was the name of the solicitor representing him – J.P.Medley, who was based in Huntress Row in Scarborough - which made me wonder if he was the family solicitor ‘back home’. He probably would have been chosen ahead of anyone based near Ferryhill where he was living at the time.

Unsurprisingly the solicitor’s name does not appear on internet searches so for now this feels like a bit of a dead end.

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