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Clues in my grandfather's uniform

I’m a moderate user of Twitter so decided to give #AncestryHour a go. The hour in question is weekly at 7pm on a Tuesday, so at 7pm I tweeted an introduction and posed a question about my grandfather, the one who served in the Austro-Hungarian army in the First World War.

I had no idea whether anyone would respond but was pleased when I received some ‘welcome’ replies. I was asked if I had any photos of my grandfather. I didn’t have any to hand so had to go and dig out the collection of old family photos. I eventually found one of my grandfather in uniform so scanned it and attached it to a tweet.

I was amazed when @ PikeGrey1418 was able to identify from the photo – probably taken before the war - that my grandfather was a Lieutenant with the K.u.K (Imperial and Royal) Feldjäger Battalion No.30 out of Steyr in Austria. I was promised more information on the battalion after Easter.

I’m so pleased with this result. Yet again it proves the power of the internet and social media, as well as the kindness of strangers.

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