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Conflict of Interest - Getting set up


I've been setting up the website and social media accounts for 'Conflict of Interest' ready for launch. I will adopt this picture as the design for the project. Its elements are based on my own ideas but the whole was brought to fruition courtesy of my artistic designer Alex Leam. I found the background photo in an inherited family album and it interests me greatly. The quality of the photo is surprisingly good. I make a reasonable assumption that the man in uniform is Fred Cowling, who fought in France between 1915 and 1918, although I have no definitive proof of who this person is. I have asked my uncle if he can identify the person in the photo but he said he couldn't (nor could he identify anyone else in the album - he wasn't born until 1939 and the album seems to date from the very early 1900's). The poppy - symbol for the fallen - is self-explanatory, and the cross is a reminder of each individual life which was lost. I intend to visit the grave of Fred Cowling in France in time for the anniversary of his death later this year.

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